Officials release photo, details about Tuscola County emergency helicopter landing

      Officials say that the pilot and passenger are both safe after this helicopter made an emergency landing in a corn field.

      Tuscola County officials have released a photo and more information on the emergency landing of a helicopter in Denmark Township.

      Yesterday, Tuscola County Sheriff's Deputy Ryan Robinson responded to a report of a helicopter crash on Quanicassee and VanGeisen Road at around 6 pm.

      Once he arrived, however, he found that the pilot and passenger were unharmed.

      The pilot explained that he was working on a power line that was 250 feet up in the air. The hoist that was attached had a line break.

      As a result, the helicopter pitched and struck a support arm.

      The helicopter blades were damaged.

      The pilot managed to safely land the helicopter in a corn field.

      Officials say the FAA is coming up today to inspect the site and the helicopter.