Officials to use Dominick's Law to prosecute Owosso man

A toddler is expected to recover after officials say he was seriously injured by his babysitter, 30-year-old Erik Macklin.

The Shiawassee Assistant Prosecutor says it's the worst case of child abuse he's ever seen in Shiawassee County.

Macklin faces first degree child abuse after officials say the two-year-old boy suffered a fractured skull while in Macklin's care.

Macklin faces a maximum sentence of life in prison.

For the first time, Prosecutors are using Dominick's Law in the case.

Dominick's Law was signed by Governor Rick Snyder in November.

The law establishes harsher penalities in child abuse cases and adds penalities for people who ignore child abuse.

The Child Advocacy Center of Shiawassee County is working to educate the community about the crime.

"Child abuse is an issue. A lot of people would like to pretend isn't out there and, unfortunately, it is out there it is a real issue in every community," says Courtney Smith Atkins of the Child Advocacy Center.

As prosecutors work to seek justice for the two-year-old victim, child advocates want people to know they can make a difference.

"There's nothing more rewarding than knowing a child is safe because you made a phone call or because you coordinated with local law enforcement or prosecutors to make a child safe," says Smith.

Macklin's preliminary exam will be held May 7.

Prosecutors say a trial may be schedule by the end of the Summer.