Old meat plant burns down

â??It has been abandoned for many many years. We arrived and found fire through the roof and the front section of the building and it very quickly spread to the back of the building. During initial operations the roof collapsed so we deemed this a do not enter building for firefighters,â?? said Flint Fire Chief Andy Graves.

From there the fire department contained the fire from spreading to nearby homes. Onlookers expressed that this more than just another fire.

"I think it is a sign that social services are down. I mean the city has been going down for a while,â?? said Flint resident Karthik Kavasseri.

Kendrick Walker has lived in Flint his entire life, remembers when the meat plant was open, and now wonders what will happen to buildings like it in his hometown.

"It's upsetting at times just to see it be like this for so long. I'm afraid something has to be done about these abandoned buildings on way or another,â?? said Walker.

And with a dwindling fire department staff the Flint Fire Department is already stretched.

"It's always a challenge and we make best with the resources we have,â?? added Chief Graves.

The fire cause no injuries and did not spread to any nearby homes and the fire department officials say the building was already on the cities demolition list.