On Patrol with with a MotoCop

It is a specialized law enforcement unit where only a small number of students actually make the grade. They call themselves "Motors," the helmeted police officers, on two wheels, that dot area roadways.

Their training is tough. Their jobs, challenging. "This is totally different than if you were just going to go out and have a pleasure ride for a Sunday afternoon," said MSP Precision Driving Instructor Matt Gromak, "We're not about the speed, not about the fastness, We're about the precision of the bike. The safety of the bike."

Grand Blanc Township police officer Jon Strom is a 2001 graduate of the MSP Motor School. "The ability I'm afforded on a motorcycle, as opposed to being in a car, I'm able to go to a lot of different places and go through traffic a lot easier. A lot of times people won't see me coming." It's a low profile or stealth-like quality that motor officers are taught, from day one, to rely on in their daily law enforcement efforts. "We can spot people violating the speed limit, the aggressive drivers, the seat belt violation with this bike long before they see us," said Sgt. Gromak.