One day below fifty degrees

Only one day this week below 50 degrees, and even then its is only by 1 degree!

The main thing I want to focus on is the rain showers expected for late Monday.

No storms, lets just get that out of the way now, but a light rumble is possible to our south.

A couple models have the heaviest rain staying south and Mid-Michigan getting some moderate rain.

As of right now, I don't trust it.

Here is what I am going with, shower activity slowly increases around dinner-time Monday and ramps up through the evening.

Rain lasts overnight with a few scattered showers Tuesday morning, not everyone will get the morning showers.

Basically we are getting soaked Monday night, a good spring-time soaker.

There is the chance that Tuesday morning will be slippery since we will be so close to freezing.

If we dip below 32 degrees, watch for ice.

I think if that did happen it would be focused on rural roads and areas to the north, something to keep an eye on.

Check out the video for a bit more info and I apologize for sounding like a frog, made it all the way through winter with no sickness and then BAM, right as we get to spring.

I think it's karma for forecasting so much snow this winter, I can only apologize so many times!

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