One man killed, woman injured in barrage of bullets

Murder scene on the 2600 block of Franklin

Eighteen minutes into the day before Christmas Eve and a barrage of bullets, a minute long, kills one man and leaves a woman in critical condition.

It happened on the 2600 block of Franklin on a sidewalk in front of a church.

Neighbors say, it's all too common.

"It's just gotten worse and worse and worse," says Chyna Kelly, who lives three houses away from the scene. She and her mother were home when the gunshots started. "I'm in my bedroom, and I'm on the floor. We're both saying a prayer, 'Oh God, just keep the bullets away.'"

Chyna is in college now, with hopes of landing a good job and the ability to move away.

Others say, it's simply a way of life.

"Nothing we can do about it," says Jim Meeley who also lives near the scene.

Authorities say a lack of jobs and misplaced priorities are making a bad situation worse.

Last year, Flint recorded a record number of homicides, 65.

This year, so far, it's around 60.