One stop shop for healthcare

Benson Ekong, owner Universal EMS / Dale Ruff`

A Mid-Michigan man calls his business a "one-stop-shop" for healthcare. Benson Ekong, who is originally from Nigeria, started his business in Genesee County to serve the community.

In 2002, Ekong launched Genesis Universal Healthcare Services, a medical supply company. Soon after that, he hired nurses and started a home healthcare business with his wife. But still, he saw a need in Mid-Michigan. Ambulance response times weren't great," Ekong said. He wanted to get patients from here to there faster. In 2006, Ekong opened up Universal EMS.

"We started very low," Ekong says. "Just a few ambulances, just with one to start, then we get a second ambulance and kept adding on."

Two ambulances, six employees and about ten calls a day to start Universal EMS. But now, just two years later, the business has grown to 42 EMS employees, working 900 runs a month with eleven ambulances.

"This company has expanded in the first year," Chuck McGlinchey, an EMS workers said. "Alot quicker than what I see alot of companies doing. Some companies have trouble when they grow that fast, this company has done it well."

Universal EMS works to provide care with Genesee County Dispatch and local hospitals. Ekong says, starting the buisness wasn't easy, but with his medical supply company and home health care business, he already had the tools.

"So we already knew how to deal with patients and loved ones," Ekong says. "It wasn't just from point A to point B, bye see you later. We actually had patient care."

"The way it was described to me from a nurse at McClaren," Kwame Hogan, an EMS employee says. "It was a positive change in Genesee County is what EMS is bringing to the table right now."

Universal EMS has it's main headquarters located off Davison Rd. in Burton. There are two other bases, one on Flint's north side and another in Mt. Morris Township.

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