Onslaught of violence hits Saginaw County

Saginaw County violence is tearing through the streets, injuring 10 and killing two men in the past week.

"I see other people where they get in before 4,5 or 6," said Saginaw resident Mike Cruz.

Residents are living in fear of what has happened to more than 10 people in just a week.

Buena Vista Police say two of the victims at the Better Dayz Bar and Grill were simply caught in crossfire between two gangs.

"Saginaw now is being rated again as one of the number on crime cities in the nation," said Pastor Larry Camel from the Saginaw Parishioners on Patrol.

With a police department waiting on pending layoff's and a city on the cusp of financial emergency, residents are asking what can be done.

Long time Saginaw businessman Mike Cruz said, "We need to make some more jobs for the kids and youth and get educations more established."

For now the Saginaw Parishioners on patrol is planning to beef up their efforts to counteract the recent violence.

"I talked to the chief last week. We are going to start increasing our patrols; we are going to do more as an organization," said Pastor Camel.

They are stepping up their street force and encouraging Saginaw residents to do the right thing.

"Report what you see. The only way we are going to solve these problems in our community is, were going to have to take the initiative," said Pastor Camel.

The initiative to change Saginaw County's current landscape.

"Car goes by and you look at a car different instead of thinking itâ??s just a car driving by," said Cruz.

Police are working to weed out those responsible for recent gun violence including nearly ten arrests in eight of the ten incidents.