OnStar Teen Tracking

Update August 3rd, 12:05 p.m.

This story has received many comments on the NBC25 Facebook page. We asked if you would purcahse this system to track your teenage driver.

Robert Moore replied, "How many teens out there told their parents they were going somewhere and ended up somewhere their parents would not approve of all it takes is one small lasp in judgement to have major consequence that is why I would say yes."

Candice Demo states, "Teens have to be able to make mistakes and learn to be trustworthy. How can they learn to be decent human beings if theyre never taught the values of trust and integrity? Their word, like yours, is what makes you who you are, not what you have... It's all you've got when you take away the superficial things in life."

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Your GM vehicle could help you track where your teenager goes.

A system called "family link" is being tested by GM's OnStar system. "Family Link," lets the owners of cars and trucks equipped with OnStar log onto a website to find their vehicle's location at any time. Owners also can sign up for email or text message alerts on the vehicle's location.

The program will be tested with 10,000 OnStar subscribers, then the company will decide if it will be offered to all of the system's 6 million customers.

It will be offered at no additional cost to subscribers. OnStar's main plan costs $18.95 per month.

OnStar President Linda Marshall says subscribers have asked for "a solution to help them stay connected to their family when they're on the road."

GM made the announcement Monday at an auto industry conference in Traverse City, MI

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