Otter Lake teenager dies after boat capsizes in Saginaw Bay

Dallas was on a fishing expedition with his dad and another man when they were met by rough seas.

A 14-year old Otter Lake boy is dead and his father is recovering after their boat capsized in the Saginaw Bay.

â??Dallas, as long as i can remember loved to hunt, fish and go camping and loved whatever had to do with outdoors,â?? says Nikki Robinson, Dallasâ?? mother.

Dallas Schall clung for life after his boat capsized in the Saginaw Bay Monday.

â??He just, he wasn't happy unless he was outside doing something,â?? says Robinson by phone.

Stormy weather led to dangerous waters in the bay Monday.

â??It was most definitely weather related,â?? says Petty Officer First Class Terry Reed.

â??The waves were unreal. The one wave, it just hit 'em and capsized the boat,â?? says Robinson.

The 14-year old old was on a fishing trip with his father and another man. The group was scheduled to return to the Linwood Marina on Monday afternoon.

â??The last communications with them was at 3-3:30 somewhere around there in the afternoon with one of the family members and we immediately started a search launch,â?? says Reed.

The group floated with the 15-foot capsized boat for several hours, drifting to shore early Tuesday morning.

â??Two of the people walked up to a residence and were taken by EMS as well as the third person who was deceased on scene,â?? says Reed.

â??I want people to remember what happened,â?? says Robinson. â??I want to make it mandatory that every life vest has a tracking beacon on it, if you're going to be in those big waters. I don't want to see another family go through this,â?? she adds.

Dallas' father, Jeremy Schall is being treated for hypothermia. Coast guard officials warn, get to shore if you see a storm coming.