Out goes the sun, in comes the rain and heat

So this weekend was beautiful, and warm, and now we must pay for it with rain.

Monday should start off with a pretty good layer of clouds and showers will slowly roll in from the south in the late afternoon.

We don't always get a low moving up from the south at this angle so the time frame for it to leave will be long, and that means a chance for a couple snowflakes at night as we dip below freezing.

Not a lot, no accumulation at this point, but enough to make you curse the clouds again.

The timing with the rain is interesting for the afternoon so I want to say have the kids bring an umbrella just in case it's pouring when they get out.

That shouldn't be the case, but better safe than soaked.

Only one day this week is below 50 degrees, and that is Tuesday, but we are only too cool by 1 degree!

The rest of the week we bound towards the 60 degree mark, and we make it several times.

Watch for scattered showers on Thursday although the rest of the day should be partly cloudy.

Next weekend looks warm, but also wet again.

Hey, with spring finally here we get the rain so expect the next few weeks to have only a few dry days in them.