Overnight temperatures give farmers a scare

Last night Apple Lane Orchard recorded 29 degrees and thatâ??s a pretty big scare because this time last year they recorded the same exact temperature that kept all their trees from blossoming.

"29 for an hour or less I don't think, I don't think they were damaged hopefully," said apple lane orchard owner Robert Pettengill.

Genesee county farmers are holding onto hope.

Hoping this freeze doesn't wipe out their crop.

"It froze so bad we couldn't make any money because there is so few but there was always some. Last year there was nothing,â?? said Pettengill.

Robert Pettengill says Mother Nature is fighting back. Producing the most flowers he's seen in years.

"If half those blossoms made an apple there would be way too many," said Pettengill.

You can tell if your crop at home has been damaged simply by taking a look at the blossom. What you want to do is take the flower off of there. And see this part here thatâ??s the apple. You want to break that apart and if that part is black you know you have a rotten product."

"It has to be pollinated too in order to make an apple,â?? said Pettengill.

Other green thumbs were able to take action before the winter like blast.

"So we bring everything in or cover it with burlap and all the soft stuff," said walker farms and greenhouses owner Kelly Walker.

Like peppers cucumbers and corn all at risk during the freeze.

"Itâ??s a lot of moving material back and forth but itâ??s worth it," said Walker.

The farmers I spoke with today say they are cautiously optimistic. Saying this is the last freeze of the year that were going to get and it should be business as usual from here on out.