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      Owner speaks out about stolen catalytic converter

      Suspects steal catalytic converters from area businesses.

      Suspects made off with hundreds of dollars worth of catalytic converters from two Davison businesses on February 16, 2012. Now, Dennis Montague, the owner of Montague Towing off North State Road is speaking out about the theft.

      Montague said one converter was cut from underneath his U-haul truck. He said his wife went to move the truck and noticed something was wrong. That's when Montague looked under the U-haul and saw that the catalytic converter was missing.

      Just blocks down North State Road, Davison Heating and Cooling was also hit.

      This is not a inexpensive fix.

      Montague added, "it costs us about $900 or so to get a new one."

      However, he had to replace the exhaust pipes in front of and behind the converter. Therefore, to fix the vehicle it can cost around $1,500.

      To prevent something like this from happening again, Montague said he has been moving his trucks away from the road. That way his surveillance cameras will capture the thieves.

      Montague told NBC25, the reason why he is speaking out, is because he wants other business owners to be on alert.