Owosso Murders: Timeline & Your Comments

Victim: Jim Pouillon (red shirt) / WDIV Detroit

***UPDATE AS OF Monday.

Shiawassee County Sheriff George Braidwood says Harlan Drake shattered a television in his cell Saturday and used the glass to cut his arm. Braidwood says he was treated at a hospital and returned to the county jail Saturday night.

***UPDATE AS OF Sunday, 11:45PM EDT:

President Barack Obama is calling the shooting of a Michigan anti-abortion activist "deplorable." James Pouillon was shot Friday in Owosso while standing across the street from a school, holding a sign that showed an aborted fetus.

***UPDATE AS OF Sunday, 3:45PM EDT:

Friends and relatives of slain anti-abortion activist James Pouillon (POOL'-yahn) have held a prayer vigil on the site where he was shot to death on Friday. Fellow anti-abortion activist Cal Zastrow says 270 people gathered Sunday in Owosso, Michigan, to honor a man they consider a martyr for their cause.

Murder charges have been filed against a man who police say objected to the graphic anti-abortion sign Pouillon was carrying outside a school. The suspect also is charged with killing a local business owner.

Zastrow says mourners at Sunday's vigil included three of Pouillon's children and a granddaughter who was inside the school when her grandfather was killed. He says they prayed for the gunman and for an end to all violence related to abortion.

***UPDATE AS OF Saturday, 11:04 PM EDT:

Accused murderer Harlan Drake has been hospitalized with a self-inflicted wound to the arm. Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry says Harlan Drake has a "serious gash" on his arm near his wrist.

Drake is charged with the murders of abortion protestor James Pouillon and gravel pit company owner Michael Fuoss.

Drake was in jail when the injury happened.

Meanwhile the third target on Drake's hit list, real estate agent Jim Howe has left town. Family members were deeply troubled by news that Howe was on Drake's list. A spokesperson for the family would only say Howe did business with a member of Drake's family. It's not known where he went.

***UPDATE AS OF Saturday, 2:37AM EDT:

Police searched the apartment and truck of Harlan Drake late Friday evening. His wife and other family members refused to comment but that didn't stop viewers of from weighing in on the subject. Many opposing comments regarding abortion were left on the website and can be read below. had it's biggest day in history as we were "Googled" around the globe and links to the website were scattered across the country and on the

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 6:16PM EDT:

According to Shiawassee County Prosecutor Randy Colbry, "The indication is that he had ill will ... a grudge against these three individuals." Harlan Drake was also licensed to carry a concealed weapon. Authorities are seeking a .22 caliber gun and a .45 caliber gun they believed were used in the shootings.

Fuoss TM brother-in-law, Glen Merkel, told the Detroit Free Press that Fuoss was found shot dead in his office around 7:30 a.m. by an employee. He said Fuoss was seen alive perhaps 20 minutes earlier when another truck driver for his company came to pick up a load of gravel.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 5:46PM EDT:

Harlan Drake has no previous criminal record. The nature of the crime, hatred towards a pro-life activist and his material, prosecutors have contacted federal authorities and this could be procecuted as a hate crime.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 5:24PM EDT:

James Howe, the intended third victim, is listed as a realtor with the Home Office Realty in Shiawassee County.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 5:12PM EDT:

Detectives with the Owosso Police Department have told NBC25 that Harland Drake had not made an attempt on James Howe's life. After he killed the first 2 gentlemen, he went home before he was going to try and find Mr. Howe. Police were waiting at his house when he came home after killing Jim Pouillon and then Mike Fouss. The suspect, Harlan Drake is presently married.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 4:47PM EDT:

The shooting suspect, Harlan James Drake, was arraigned and given no bond. An arraignment date has been scheduled for 9/25/09 at 2:30pm in the 66th District Court.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 3:39PM EDT:

Harlan Drake or "Hale" as he is known to friends is now charged with 2 counts of 1st Degree Premeditated Murder for the killings of James Jim Pouillon and Mike Fouss. Police say that Harlan Drake has told detectives that he had a list of 3 people in his head that he wanted to kill.

Two of the people on his "list" have died as a result but the third, James Howe, was not attacked. Since he has admitted to a third person on his hit list, it is resulting in a charge of unlawful intent with a firearm. There is no motive behind Mr. Howe or Mr. Fuoss, who owned the Fouss Gravel Company. There is only one known connection between Mike Fouss and Harlan Drake, his mother used to work for Mr. Fouss.

As to the reason for the killing of pro-life activist Jim Pouillon, Harlan Drake has told police that he was offended by Pouillon TMs anti-abortion messages. Neighbors of Jim Pouillon say that he was a quiet man in recent years but his checkered past was a result of his boisterous protests. They have commented that some might not have agreed with his message or his graphic displays of aborted fetus TM on his protest signs but he was quiet man in his older age.


2 counts of 1st Degree Pre-meditated Murder

1 count of Felony Firearm Possession

1 count of Unlawful Intent with a Firearm

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 2:04PM EDT:

Police have released the names of the victims in a double shooting in Owosso.

At approximately 7:20 a.m., Jim Pouillon, a prolife activist, was shot and killed at Owosso High School. The shooter then drove to Fuoss Gravel where, around 8:17 a.m., President Mike Fuoss was also shot and killed.

Police believe Fuoss and Pouillon knew each other, and probably were acquainted with the shooter.

The entire Owosso school district was put on lock down early this morning. The Elementary, Middle, and Alternative Ed school have since been taken off the lockdown. The high school is releasing students if parents come and sign students out, otherwise students will remain in the building throughout the remainder of the day.

NBC25 is told Pouillon was well-known for his pro-life activities in the city of Owosso. He often stood in very visible areas with large graphic anti-abortion signs. The interim superintendent, Susan Wooden, says he was also well known at the High School where he would stand most mornings while students walked into school. The Flint Area Right to Life says Pouillon was a quiet man who prayed often in front of schools and local organizations.

Approximately 45 minutes after the shooting, police apprehended a suspect. At this time, NBC25 does know the name of the suspected shooter and will hold the release of his name. Police are not releasing the suspects name until warrants have been issued. The Shiawassee County Sheriff's Department says the suspect himself and witnesses are being interviewed.

***UPDATE AS OF Friday, 8:54AM EDT:

The entire school district was put on lock down early this morning, after an anti-abortion activist was shot multiple times and killed outside the High School. The Elementary, Middle, and Alternative Ed school were taken off of the lockdown but the Owosso High School was on lockdown through most of the morning.

NBC25 is told, Jim Pouillon was a well-known anti-abortion activist in the city of Owosso and would stand in very visible areas with large graphic anti-abortion signs.

The interim superintendent, Susan Wooden says Mr. Pouillon was also known at the High School where he would stand most mornings while students walked into school and pray, hold his signs and protest abortions.

*All after school activities in Owosso School District have been canceled out of reverence for the victims and their families.

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