Pain at the pump to subside according to experts

30 cents!

That's the price per-gallon more that Michiganders are spending at the pump.

So the question is why and what's being done to put money back into your wallet?

Experts say the key is patience but drivers are fed up.

"Ridiculous," exlaims Keith Kasper of Saginaw.

Chelsea Ebnit is a student.

She's trying to save money but says driving from Midland to Saginaw every day is making that difficult.

"It's almost impossible to save when you have to put it all in your gas tank again. So it's really frustrating."

"People are going crazy," laughed Antonio Vallegos.

Crazy over the rollercoaster relationship at the pump.

"Michigan can't afford this we can barely afford groceries so having to pay this much for gas is ridiculous," said Ebnit.

Michigan drivers are experiencing the second-highest gas prices in the country behind Hawaii.

The state average is more than 60 cents higher than the national average.

Experts say the regional hike signals a refinery issue.

"The refineries that service Michigan are having problems and you can't make up that by importing gas from, say Arizona, that cause the price to equalize," said economy professor, Chris Douglas.

But even temporary pain at the pump is taking a toll on motorists.

"People dont' have jobs, no money somethings wrong," said Vallegos, frustrated.

Some locations across Mid-Michigan offering lower prices from Flint to Saginaw and Fenton.

Other stations boasting prices as high as $4.39/gallon.

Luckily, experts say, the pain will be short-lived.

"Once the refinery issues are solved I would expect prices to go down to where they were before somewehre $3.60/$3.70/gallon."

Meantime, Congressman Dan Kildee is co-sponsoring legislation that would end taxes funding the nation's largest oil companies.

He says it would save $80 billion over ten years.