Paralyzed man shows determination at CRIM bike race

About 180 bikers race at the Le Champion Pave Criterium in downtown Flint Sunday.

Words like inspiration, strength and perseverance only partially describe Travis Peruski. He's been biking for about nine years and just like other riders, he has a need for speed.

Peruski is one out of about 180 peddlers at the 3rd annual Le Champion Pave Criterium bicycle race in downtown Flint Sunday.

Travis Peruski said, "hopefully as long as my bike holds together and everything, I can put out a good display today and show everybody how fast we can be, because I think people don't realize how fast we can be until we go out there and show them."

However, Peruski's bike sits lower than others.

"I was paralyzed in a car accident in 2001. . . I just kind of hit a ditch and hit a tree and it was over from there," added Peruski.

With limited mobility, all he can rely on is his arms.

"I show [them] all the sports they could do and they just love it and excited about it just like the first time I found out," Peruski said.

What most would think is difficult, he said it is not that bad.

People said, biking on the bricks added dimension to the course, but for people like Peruski, it added one more piece of determination.