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      Parent of duct-taped first grader speaks out

      A Flint m an says his first grade son had his mouth duct taped by a substitute teacher .

      That t eacher now faces 15 charges as police say the educator did the same thing to other student s.

      " A teacher has no right to put a hand on a student , " said parent, Charlie Durrett.

      But Durrett says that's exactly what his first grade son told him happened in early December at Brownell STEM Academy.

      " H e was like daddy that teacher , he taped my mouth . H e say it in a way like I want you to do something about it."

      The teacher, according to Flint Police, a substitute, now facing 15 counts of assault and battery for duct taping the mouths of 16 students including Durrett's son.

      " I guess that was his way of trying to keep him quie t. W henever an adult duct tape a six-year-old's mouth, that's not the right thing to do."

      That's not the only reason Durrett is upset.

      H e has yet to hear from Flint Schools about the incident.

      " I f he 's disrupting class, having a bad day, they send letters home. I still right now, and this is a whole month and a half later, haven't got a letter notification or anything from the school," he said.

      Flint School officials released a statement Friday saying they will continue to cooperate with authorities but will not comment on an ongoing investigation.

      Flint Polic e did seek a warrant against the Brownell principal stating the principal duct taped the substitute teacher's mouth.

      That charge was denied by prosecutors.

      The substitute teacher's name has not been released pending arraignment.

      F lint Schools say they have taken disciplinary action against the substitute and principal.