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      Parents and kids battle cabin fever after third snow day

      It' s "snow day number three" for students across Mid-Michigan and that means, for many, a prolonged winter vacation and, quite possibly, a headache for parents.

      Yet, second-grade Grand Blanc student, Savannah Hensley is hoping for another day off, "snow!" she exclaims.

      But mom, Shanna Hensley, disagrees.

      " I 'm hoping for school. School to be back up and running so things can go back to the basics back to our normal routine."

      The weekend snow storm and deep freeze has extended a two-week Christmas vacation making it nearly impossible for kids and parents to get out of the house.

      " W e're pushing three weeks. yes, that is enough to make a parent go a little nuts , " said Shanna.

      But kids are ok with the extended break.

      " I don't think kids would ever be ready to go back if they had a choice , " said Shanna.

      Family friend, Jacob Langworthy, is enjoying the time off.

      " J ust more time hanging out with my friends , " he said.

      Parents are hoping that "back to the books" bring peace of mind.

      " I love my kids and I love spending time with them but you can only entertain them and they can only entertain you for so long before everyone is just like get me out of here," said Shanna.

      To find out if "cabin fever" will continue stay with NBC 25. We will be posting all cancellations and closing on our website.