Parents and students react to school bomb threat

Parents and students react to the bomb threat sent in via e-mail to Grand Blanc High School and the two middle schools.

Police have detected the IP address where they received the e-mail from but no suspect has been identified yet in the threat.

Grand Blanc Police held a press conference on Monday morning to address the threat.

Increased security was in place on Tuesday for the first day of school, which occurred without incident.

Many kids told NBC 25 that they are not afraid.

"I wasn't nervous at all. No one is going to bomb the school," said Alec Bailey.

"They were probably just making sure school didn't start," said Dajanique Johnson

Parents are taking the threat a bit more serious than their kids, and are trusting the school district to keep their child safe.

"It was a little nerve wrecking, but I figure they got it all worked out," said Vivian Harrison.