Parents charged with toddler's death

A Flint couple now faces murder and child abuse charges for the death of their one-year old son.

Jeremy Wise and Callie Cscercsa were arraigned in Flint court Thursday. Prosecutors say the parents are responsible for their child's death.

Jeremy Wise fought back tears as the judge read the murder and child abuse charges against him. Wise is charged with the murder of his one year old son.

Neighbors along Holly Avenue have just one word to describe it.

â??Terrible, just terrible,â?? says Dan Hall.

â??Terrible,â?? adds Roger Ellis.

The toddler's mother Callie Cscercsa, 19, is also charged.

â??Itâ??s crazy,â?? says Hall.

Flint police arrived at the home Monday and found the Wise, 29, performing CPR on his son.

â??Just terrible, I wish I'd never seen it,â?? says Hall.

Neighbors say it wasn't the first time police were called to the home for child abuse.

â??They've called cops and state on them several times and they've come out several times too,â?? says Ellis.

This time police say the child was left alone in a bath tub full of water.

â??I don't see how she can leave the room and it's all basically one room really, ya know, so something went on,â?? adds Ellis.

The parents later found the child face down in the bath tub. Neighbors say they can't believe what unfolded inside the house.

â??They walked away from their baby obviously or something. I don't know how anyone could even. I don't know how, it just don't make no sense (sic),â?? says Hall.

NBC25 spoke with the mother's lawyer Thursday morning. He says this is all an accident.

Genesee County prosecutor David Leyton tells us there is probable cause for the murder and child abuse charges.