Parents furious over school district's use of "isolation room"

An isolation room in the Longview School District has triggered an investigation into possible mistreatment of children.

Supporters of the school district say the seclusion rooms can be helpful tools to help children affected by autism calm down and not hurt themselves or others.

Not everyone agrees, especially parents.

"This is a little prison cell they had at Mint Valley," parent Candace Dawson told KOMO News in Seattle. "Looks like it's about a four by four cell with ventilation holes in the ceiling."

Dawson is livid that Mint Valley Elementary School in Longview uses the isolation room for special education students.

State law says it's okay that Longview and other districts have these padded isolation rooms when students have outbursts.

The Washington state superintendent's office says kids are only put inside if parents sign wavers beforehand and have Individual Education Plans for the student.

Dawson told KOMO that her son didn't have one of these plans and did not have prior permission, but he was put in there anyway.

Should school districts such as Longview be allowed to use these "isolation rooms" in order to control rowdy special needs students?

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