Parents react after police find numerous guns at school

A police search found five guns, ammunition, a bow, and a paintball gun in vehicles during a routine security check Tuesday morning at Byron High School.

Now six students are suspended indefinitely.

"Students should know better," says Patricia Hunter.

Hunter TMs daughter goes to Byron High School and brought a letter home Tuesday notifying parents of the incident. She says it surprised her when parents started complaining on the school TMs facebook page that it was unfair for the school to have such a search during hunting season.

It doesn't matter whether it is hunting season or not, says Hunter. Weapons shouldn't have been on the property.

Byron Schools Superintendent Daniel Scow says the school scheduled the random mandatory search based on the availability of law enforcement, and didn TMt take hunting into consideration.

"I think it needs to be reinforced, even though its hunting season, you need to leave weapons at home," says Scow.

Scow says police are investigating intent, working to find out whether students planned to use the weapons at school or for hunting. He says their intent will be taken into consideration. They face possible expulsion. They also could be in legal trouble. It is against state law to bring a gun on school property.

Read the full letter to parents here:

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