Partially treated sewage flows into Saline River

The city of Saline says a contractor's error caused about 29,000 gallons of partially treated sewage to flow into the Saline River.

The Ann Arbor News reports the city says 146,000 gallons was released from the City of Saline Wastewater Treatment Plant on Tuesday.

Of that amount, the city says 29,000 gallons flowed into the storm water collection system that empties into the Saline River. The city says the rest of the partially treated sewage went back into the wastewater treatment plant. The overflow lasted about an hour.

The overflow comes a day after the Port Huron Wastewater Treatment Plant reported an overflow into the St. Clair River due to rainfall. The Times Herald of Port Huron reports that discharged 245,000 gallons of water, including 17,000 gallons was sanitary wastewater.