Passenger traffic dips at Flint's Bishop Airport, despite new terminals

Flint's Bishop International confirms they are down so far in 2013; however, they remain optimistic as new flights are set to come.

Flights are coming and going from bishop but the planes are riding lighter, including flights with newly added southwest airlines. But the reason behind the decline is clear, and being addressed.

"There are a lot of positive things coming up we are just in a little low while we ramp things up," said Bishop International spokeswoman Pat Corfman.

Bishop is looking at new changes to account for a decline in 2013 passenger traffic.

"We are still ramping up southwest airlines. People are still learning how they operate, where to buy a ticket and where they go," said Corfman.

Frequent flyers are turning to bishop more. But not because of expansions or Southwestâ??s takeover of Air Trans Airways.

"You can get in real quick, in through baggage claims and you can get right into your flight. So if you have your destination itâ??s a lot easier," said frequent flyer Glen Gross.

The addition of new destinations from flint include Baltimore Washington International.

"The Baltimore non-stops actually connect onto more than 60 destinations," said Corfman.

"To me it should help because you should get some more destinations from them," said Gross.

Airport spokeswoman Pat Corfman says the problem lies in how flyers go about finding flights.

"They can only purchase their tickets online at southwest dot com people are used to going to Expedia's and Kayak's and you cant do that with southwest," said Corfman.

Still, flyers say they are going to look for the best deal.

"A lot of it is price yours still looking at your destination and the price it cost you to go there. Overall the airport is a very quick and fast airport," said Gross.

The airport hopes to bounce back when they start non stop to Las Vegas in August and daily flights to Fort Myers, Florida early next year.