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      Past events prompt more security during Back to the Bricks

      As classic cars come back to the bricks...the city prepares to handle the crowds that come along with it...bringing local, county, state and even federal forces to Flint.

      The message is clear. Be safe. Something officials want everyone to remember.

      "Events like this, tempers get hot and you want to stop that stuff before it gets started," says Dennis Lawrason.

      Tuesday night, police responded to several minor incidents involving disorderly conduct. Police say the incidents were handled quickly and by the book.

      General manager at the 501 Bar and Grill, Crystal Thornton, says, "it may have gotten a little rowdy last night but police calmed it down and everything was fine."

      A year ago, the task force responded to similar incidents.

      According to task force members, past events are paving a new future as officials handle the hundreds of thousands who will attend the Back to the Bricks events.

      "We've learned from the past years what to have where, where the places are people like to congregate," says Lawrason.

      Members of the community are taking notice of the increased security measures...

      "It's always good to see them out there pretty much everywhere you go. every street every corner there's a police officer there so it puts you more at ease," says Thornton.