Pastors, community remember Milton Hall

Dozens of pastors and clergy from Saginaw met at the River View Plaza Shopping Center. The site where 49-year old Milton Hall was admittedly shot and killed by local police on July 1, 2012. They say Hall was acting aggressively with a knife.

"There are bullet holes in the dumpster. It really brings you to the scene but we want to come and pray," says Robert Davis, pastor of the Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Saginaw.

Until Michigan State Police and the county prosecutor reach a verdict in the case, local residents are left asking many questions concerning if the shooting was justified.

"Could he have been talked down? Was it immenent? Was he a threat immediately to the officers and or himself?" asks former Saginaw mayor, Gary Loster. â??Some officials have indicated the community has not been outraged. I can tell you they're very outraged to the point where there is no trust in the government or the police department," says Loster.

"Let us know something that's all we want just tell us something," says Davis.

The vigil comes a day after CNN aired cell phone video of the shooting death of Milton Hall.

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