Pay cut for Flint mayor, council under new EM law

Itâ??s happened before. Flintâ??s mayor and city council members are not getting paid after the stateâ??s new emergency financial manager law, Public Act 436, took effect at the end of March.

Salaries for Mayor Dayne Walling and council members were partially restored in December 2011 by former emergency manager Mike Brown, who previously eliminated it.

Council president Scott Kincaid told NBC25 he talked to emergency financial manager Ed Kurtz, who said he will look at the cityâ??s budget and determine whether he will restore pay to Walling and the council.

Former councilman Jack Minore said city council still engages with the public and to eliminate pay altogether is wrong.

â??[Council members are] still talking to voters and they're still talking to block clubs and so on, so I thought a pay cut was important, but not cutting it out completely. That's really not fair,â?? Minor said.

Kincaid said the decision ultimately belongs to Kurtz.

The new law has also reduced the councilâ??s power. As of now there are no council meetings scheduled.