Paychecks delayed for teachers in Muskegon Heights

An official says employees of the Muskegon Heights charter school system didn't get their paychecks as scheduled this week amid cash flow issues for the schools.

Gregory Weatherspoon is the state-appointed emergency manager for Muskegon Heights Public Schools, which chartered the K-12 public school academy. He says paychecks for the Muskegon Heights Public School Academy System have been "delayed."

The Muskegon Chronicle reports officials are meeting in Lansing on Tuesday to discuss the schools.

Weatherspoon says he's working with "all the stakeholders," including charter operator Mosaica Education Inc. and state treasury officials.

The charter system's school board in December expressed concern about finances.

The Muskegon Heights charter school system was developed as a solution to debt that put Muskegon Heights Public Schools into financial emergency.