Penn State reportedly planning to dismiss Coach Joe Paterno

Joe Paterno could be dismissed as investigators say he knew of abuse, but failed to report it to the proper authorities. / File Photo

Reports say Penn State TMs Joe Paterno could be asked to be dismissed very soon due to a sex-abuse scandal.

The New York Times reports the board of trustees hasn TMt determined the exact timing of the coach TMs exit, but it has become clear that he will not continue another season.

Papa Joe has coached 46 seasons at Penn State. He has won more games than any other coach.

The dismissal comes from allegations that several boys were sexually abused by Jerry Sandusky, a former assistant coach.

The USA Today identifies six key players in the scandal who were allegedly a part of the abuse or knew of the abuse. Out of the six, Sandusky has been charged with abuse for allegedly assaulting eight boys. Gary Schultz, Former Senior Vice President, and Tim Curley, Athletics Director, have each been charged with perjury.

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While Paterno has not been formally charged, prosecutors say he was aware of the abuse, and while he reported it to his boss, never took it to the authorities. The Associated Press has further details of why Paterno faces dismissal. You can watch that report in the video below:

Associated Press

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