People try their luck at Mega Millions jackpot

Some are out partying, counting down the minutes until the ball drops on 2010, while others are counting down to Friday night TMs Mega Millions jackpot drawing.

It only takes one ticket to win!

"I got to play, that's it, I gotta play," said Detroit resident, Milissa Chamberlin.

The jackpot for Friday TMs Mega Millions drawing is 242 million dollars.

"Is it 242? That TMs a lot, said Brittany Seal, the cashier at Conlee TMs Travel Center in Birch Run.

This jackpot has been growing since November 9, because Mega Millions has rolled 14 times without a winner, but some say that could soon come to an end.

"I know it, I know I have the winning number tonight," said a Mega Millions player.

Tickets have been flying out the door at Conlee's Travel Center in Birch Run.

By 6 p.m. more than a thousand tickets had been sold.

"It TMs been really busy; we've been selling tickets all day," said Seal.

Residents from 41 states and the District of Columbia are playing.

The winner will take home more than nine million dollars every year for 26 years, or they can decide on a single cash payment of 154 million.

"I would probably take the cash option, because I don't plan to be here, I want to get all my stuff and get out of here," said Chamberlin.

Here TMs what some Mid-Michigan residents say they'll do with all that money.

"Buy a new house, buy a new car, have fun," said Bay City resident, Heidi Maxson.

"I TMd probably buy myself a home in two different locations, probably down south somewhere and somewhere around here," said Birch Run resident, Marty Cooper.

"I TMll be giving some of it to the man who helped me pick these numbers, the Lord," said Chamberlin.

"I TMm going to buy NBC25, I TMm going to be your boss, said a Mega Millions player.

Odds of that happening would be one in 176 million.

The high sales figures mean more than just an increased jackpot.

It means more money for the school aid fund, which supports public education programs throughout the state.

Mega Millions has awarded 108 jackpots since the first drawing in 2002.

The winning numbers for December 31 are: 10, 12, 13, 35, 56 MB 9