Pet care during July 4 festivites

Pets should be kept on a leash to prevent them from running away during fireworks shows.

The Genesee County Humane Society is urging pet owners to take some extra precautions this holiday weekend.

According to officials, pets are not as fond of fireworks as their pet parents.

Cats and dogs are often scared of loud noises, like fireworks and thunder.

Volunteers at the humane society suggest putting on the television or playing music to soothe the animals.

If you plan to make take your pets outside they need to be tied up or taken to a safe place.

"Take it to a basement, if you are going to take it outside, even though it's the best dog that never goes out of it's yard, make sure its on a leash at that time because you never know; we get so many calls at this time of year with people let their dogs run out and they say that they never leave their job", says Lynne Holmes, Genesee County Humane Society Adoption Councilor.

Officials with the humane society say it also helps to have your pets favorite toy or treat on hand.