Plane crash victim's family recalls tragic accident

Richard Hayward and his youngest daughter, Susan Dorn, posing for a selfie inside one of Hayward's airplanes.

What's now an empty field was an active emergency scene only 24 hours ago.

"He normally calls when he gets to the airport just to let us know he made it, and we hadn't heard anything," said Richard Haywardâ??s daughter Susan Dorn.

Dorn says she knew something was wrong before she saw images of the wreckage online.

"I knew instantly that was my dadâ??s plane. It's a very distinctive airplane," said Dorn.

Hayward's Nanchang CJ-6 is listed as an experimental plane designed to mock a light fighter air craft.

"He had always wanted a plane like that it was his dream plane," said Dorn.

Now, the wreckage is cleared and the investigation to why Haywardâ??s plane went down is underway.

"We moved the plane to the Owosso Community Airport where it is stored in a hangar to be examined by the FAA to determine what the cause of the crash is," said Shiawassee County Sheriff Departmentâ??s Sergeant Brian BeGole.

NTSB is probing what remains of Hayward's plane and what bystanders saw before the plane crashed.

"Witnesses saw the prop wasn't turning fast and it made several sharp banking turns in an attempt to make an emergency landing," said BeGole.

Next, Haywardâ??s family says they are making the father of eights final arraignments while continuing to wonder what happened before the apparent crash landing.

"Were just trying to find comfort in our family, with each other and know that he passed away doing what he loved most," said Dorn.

Hayward's family says the pilot received and maintained his pilot license since he was 14 years-old and served more than twenty years in the armed forces.