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      Police: accused predator targeted victims on social websites

      A Flint man is behind bars on sexual assault charges and possession of child sexually abusive material.

      26-year-old Gregg Wilhite faces sexual assault charges after police say he contacted a 14-year-old girl on social media websites.

      Police say he then met the girl in person.

      Grand Blanc Township officials believe there could be more victims.

      Detective Todd Bilbert of the Grand Blanc Township police department says, "we believe he was contacting area high school girls through social media and initiated that contact through social media seeing how far it could go."

      In one case that police are aware of, Wilhite met with one of the girls he was communicating with. A 14-year-old.

      "The family came to us at the police department and wanted to report explicit messages they found on their daughters cell phone," says Detective Gilbert.

      Police arrested Wilhite on March 25 after he attempted to meet the 14-year-old on another occasion.

      Wilhite now faces several counts of possession of child sexually abusive material, using a computer to committ a crime and sexual assault.

      Authorities believe this is not an isolated case.

      "Families can contact me if they believe their high-schooler has had contact with Mr. Wilhite," says the detective.

      You can contact Detective Gilbert if you have concerns. (810) 424-2611.

      Gregg Wilhite is currently in the Genesee County Jail.