Police agencies team up to get Flint kids on the court

Flint youth are getting off the streets and onto the black top for Gus Mackers 3 on 3 tournament downtown.

"We got about 100 kids down here that are not in the streets with an ill will intent," said Flint Police Officer Jesse Carpenter.

Multiple police agencies including the Michigan State Police and Flint Police Department giving kids the chance to get out and play.

"I think basketball, its best thing you could ever do," said Daeshon Pride.

The hope is for these children to develop a relationship with the men and women trying to protect them.

"Kids willing to speak with police officers sharing their views and their information within their neighborhoods that will help keep their neighborhood safe," said Carpenter.

"Its my life its fun and its something to do to keep me out of trouble," said Pride.

Community leaders are taking this weekendâ??s tournament to rid the cities unwritten code of no snitching.

"Itâ??s huge as a community from top to bottom to what we can do if we work together," said Carpenter.

But these hoops aren't staying up permanently and kids today are looking to city leadership for more constructive outlets.

"People should do more stuff like this and we wouldn't have a problem. There is plenty of space with all the abandoned houses you could put stuff right there," said Pride.

Every participant left with a tee shirt and medals were given out to first and second place winners along with bragging rights for the summer.