Police arrest man from superhero group in Burton

Burton Police arrested 38-year old Adam Besso on felonious assault and possesion of body armour in connection to a Thursday morning altercaton in Burton.

Besso was wearing a superhero costume when he taken into custody. Investigators say Besso is part of the group Michigan Protectors - a type of crime watch group that wears costumes.

Besso also known as "Bee Sting" and two other men were patrolling the Twin Meadows mobile home park earlier Thursday morning when they approached a couple on a motorcycle about the noise the bike was making.

"They were dressed up with bandanas on their faces and stun guns on their hips. I don't know what else," said Twin Meadows resident Nicholas Garza.

Police say Besso and the owner of the motorcycle argued and then it got physical.

Garza witnessed the altercation.

"The guys were struggling on the ground, one guy pulled out a shotgun and one was screaming for help," said Garza.

Shots were fired into a vacant trailer.

Police arrived within minutes and arrested Besso, who happens to be an Iraq War veteran.

Garza says he's actually glad Besso and his group patrol the neighborhood because he's tired of the arsons that have plagued the mobile home park over the past year.

"They're really trying to clean up," said Garza. "No else is helping."

Besso is currently being held in the Genesee County Jail.