Police call off search for missing 2-year-old

Bianca Jones has been missing since December 2, 2011 out of the Detroit area.

The search for a missing 2-year-old from Detroit as been put on hold as authorities question the truthfulness of her father TMs reports about what happened the day she went missing.

Hundreds of volunteers have been combing the area in Detroit, searching for missing Bianca Jones.

Jones TM Father, D TMAndre Lane, told police he was carjacked on December 2nd, and the suspects stole his car at gunpoint. Lane claims the little girl was in the car at the time. Police were able to find the vehicle, but haven TMt found the child or the suspects.

Now, the Associated Press reports police are questioning the truth of Jones TM reports about what happened that day. They TMre asking the volunteers and community to remain alert, but the search teams have been postponed until they can gather further information about what happened the day the child went missing.