Police chase suspect charged with murder in death of 13-year-old girl

Misty Kurmas was killed while crossing the street allegedly by a suspect who was being chased by police.

He's accused of hitting and killing a 13-year-old with his van while she walked to church.

Now, a prosecutor issues a murder charge against him.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says 28-year-old Mark Blout had marijuana in his system while driving that van and did not have a license.

Misty Kurmas' mother says whatever the charges are, they will not bring her daughter back and that whatever happens to Mark Blount, she says he's getting off easy.

"Second degree murder is a lot better than my baby's life," says Walker, trying to keep from crying.

She says the nightmare she's living is worse than any punishment Mark Blount may receive. "It was hard to see Misty die, and this man gets to live his life."

Martha still wears a T-shirt in her daughter's honor. Misty passed away six weeks ago.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton says the defendant's alleged actions warrant no less than a second degree murder charge, which can carry a life sentence. "We believe the defendant's actions were wanton and willful and created the likelihood that death to the victim would be the result and indeed it was."

Witnesses criticized the police's action at the time saying there should not have been a chase.

The prosecutor says police wanted to catch a man with a federal warrant and previous convictions. He says police reacted responsibly. Pointing to a map of the accident, Leyton said "When the marked car becomes involved to the point where young lady was struck was a total of five seconds. He (Blount) decided that he was going to drive fast and recklessly away from whoever he thought was looking after him.

Leyton says Blount told investigators he believed either drug dealers or a jealous boyfriend were following him.

For Misty's mother, the details don't matter.

She's just trying to stay strong.

"It's hard to sleep. It's hard to do anything, but I have to hang in there for my other children," says Walker.

Blount's case will be back in court next week. He's being held without bond.