Police, church leaders host forum after deadly funeral shooting

Public safety leaders and members of the church community hosted a public forum at Vernon Chapel Tuesday night, following Saturdayâ??s deadly shooting at the funeral of Gerrell Tyler.

Twenty-eight-year-old Steven Edward Lawson was shot to death at Full Gospel Christian Church.

Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock called for community engagement through the Lifelines program, which helps individuals through positive intervention services.

Lock offered four alleged criminals a chance to get their lives on the right track through the crime intervention program.

â??We plan on doing this all over the complete city, come join us in Lifelines. We're working in all neighborhoods all over the city, and you know, we hope to just get people just to change the way they're living their lives. That's what we're offering here,â?? Lock said.

Lifelines is a joint initiative led by the mayor's office, city council, Flint police and other state and local agencies.

Meanwhile, the investigation of Saturdayâ??s deadly shooting continues. Anyone with information is asked to call Flint Police or Crime Stoppers.