Police in Frankenmuth warn of an attempted "key scam"

Frankenmuth Police Department sketch of one of the suspects

Police in Frankenmuth say that a dealership in town was nearly a victim of a "key scam."

Two men entered the dealership and asked to see two cars that were for sale.

The men were given keys to the vehicles and proceeded to look them over.

Later they returned the keys to the dealer, who later discovered that they were different keys.

The dealership disabled the vehicles, who suspected the men would return later to try and steal the vehicles.

The men did return later and attempt to steal the cars.

After being unable to start the cars, they left in a blue Ford Freestyle with Michigan plates.

The plates, CB6706, do not belong to this vehicle and are registered to an address in Detroit.

The police provided NBC25 with information about the suspects as well as a sketch of one of them.

Suspect #1 â?? Black male, 6ft 2in tall, 200 lbs, medium build, 40-45 yrs old. Alias of â??Alâ??. Stated he was from Flint, looking for a vehicle for his daughter.

Suspect #2 â?? Black male, 5ft 8in tall, 300 lbs, heavy build, 30-35 yrs old. Grey patch of beard on his chin.

If anyone has any information on this case, please contact FPD Detective Flathau at (989) 652-8371 Extension 161.