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      Police investigate multiple vehicle crashes in Genesee County

      Authorities investigate a roll over crash near Clio.

      A multiple car crash sent several people to the hospital. Around 5 p.m. on Sunday, four vehicles driving on Bristol and Center Roads in Burton collided.

      Sources said a Genesee County Sheriff's Department paramedic was responding to a medical call when the driver got caught in the accident.

      Several people were taken to the hospital, including a deputy, for treatment. The condition of those involved is unknown at this point.

      There was extensive damage to several of the vehicles.

      The Genesee County Sheriff's Department is taking the report.

      Near Clio, a traumatic car crash has one man fighting for his life.

      The driver was ridding northbound down I-75 until he hit a tree and rolled multiple times.

      The Genesee County Sheriff's Department said they had to use the jaws of life to get him out of the vehicle. The driver was transported to Hurley Medical Center and police said he is in the trauma unit.

      Traffic was backed up for about two hours near the Montrose/Clio exit.

      Authorities are investigating to find out what caused the crash.

      In Buena Vista, a driver was rear ended on the 4900 block of East Washington.

      Authorities said the driver of the truck stopped and then was hit in the back.

      One person was transported to the hospital. Their injuries are unknown at this time.