Police investigating deadly shooting in Sag. Co.

Friends and passerbys gather at the scened where Joseph Roger's body was found. / Aaron Smith

Just days after declaring 100 days of non-violence police in Saginaw County are investigating a deadly shooting. The body was found this morning in Buena Vista. The family of 45-year old Joseph Rogers watched on in horror. He was found laying dead in the middle the street near 23rd and Harold streets in Buena Vista Monday morning. His family says he was shot multiple times and left for dead.

The victims sister Rosita Hobson says, " That was my brother that got shot. I happened to go right down there and he's laying there face down."

The killing comes just two days into the 100 days of nonviolence campaign aimed at cutting down on crime. Parishioners on Patrol have been trying to encourage nonviolence. This latest killing means they still have they're work cut-out.

Pastor Larry Camel says, " No were going to continue on we knew that some things will happen but thats not going to deter our efforts."

This is actually the second shooting in Saginaw County in the last two days. Early Sunday morning a17-year old teen was shot in the foot also near Buena Vista. Area residents are fed up with the violence.

Rosita Hobson says, " Down here in Saginaw this is crazy I have never seen nothing like this is my life."

Surviving members of Joseph Rogers family are calling for something more to be done. they want stricter laws in place.