Police, neighbors pitch in to clean up Saginaw's Cathedral district

Empty bottles, trash and even mattresses litter empty lots in Saginawâ??s cathedral district.

â??It was nasty but it was something we had to do,â?? says Dâ??Andra Currin who volunteered Wednesday.

The trash went where it belongs Wednesday.

More than 70 teen volunteers hit the streets, tossing the junk.

â??Itâ??ll help show the community that we care even though some people think young people don't. So, it makes a difference,â?? says Currin.

Saginaw police led by example on Wednesday by organizing the clean up.

Officers say picking up trash can help in the fight against crime.

"If you got an area that looks terrible and promotes crime then it's just going to fester in there and if you can clean that up and have that pride in the community hopefully that crime doesn't follow,â?? says Saginaw police officer Jonathan Beyerlein.

Itâ??s the type of pride, neighbor Altha Martin has.

â??It make (sic) the community look a whole lot better,â?? says Martin. â??It's looking good already,â?? he adds.

Neighbors hope this effort is the first step toward a safer community.

â??I appreciate it,â?? adds Martin.