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      Police on lookout for drivers not wearing seat belts

      Michigan's seat belt use rate dropped to 94 percent in 2011.

      Michigan law enforcement agencies kicking off a two-week seatbelt enforcement campaign on Monday.

      The 'Click it or Ticket' campaign uses seatbelt enforcement zones to ticket motorists who do not weat safety belts.

      "Any person that doesn't wear their seat belt, there giving it a 50-50 chance if they get in a crash," said Michigan State Police First Lieutenant Matt Bolger of the Flint Post.

      In 2009, Michigan had the nation's highest rate of seat belt use at 97.9%.

      But that percentage dropped to 94% in 2011.

      "Its to prevent things from happening, so we're doing the click it or ticket enforcement zones to help people to understand that its very important to continue to wear your seat belt," Flint Police Chief Alvern Lock said.

      Genesee County will have 20 enforcement zones, all of which will be marked with large signs.

      Motorists caught driving without a seat belt on will be given a $65 ticket.