Police release more surveillance of stabber suspect's vehicle

This is the vehicle the alleged stabber is said to be driving.

A serial killer is on the loose, sending police from three states on a chase, trying to catch him before he strikes again.

Reports of serial stabber sightings are pouring into police departments in Michigan, Ohio, and Virginia.

You've seen the sketch, the vehicle description, and now, better surveillance video of the vehicle.

Leesburg Virginia police release surveillance video of officers say is the stabber's vehicle.

It's a two tone Chevrolet Blazer.

Here in MidMichigan, police scanners light up with reports of officers pulling over dark colored SUV's from several communities.

Police in Virginia are doing the same.

Leesburg Police Chief Joseph Price says, "We've received an awful lot of calls on green SUV's. We're not complaining about that. We want to check it out, but we don't want people to panic."

Even the local crime-stoppers is getting dozens of tips.

Bart Dexter, Crimestoppers coordinator in MidMichigan says, "I was talking with my partner in Flint; we both received about 35 to 40 tips on this right now. That's not including what police officers have gotten."

From Alma to Saginaw, Pinckney to Flint, the public is reporting what they believe could be the suspect.

Officials say, no one should feel threatened when calling in tips.

Crimestoppers says, you will always be anonymous.

Dexter says, "My telephone here, the caller ID is ripped right out of it, so there's no way I can tell where it came from."

The phone calls are not recorded, and Crimestoppers will never ask for your name.

Crimestoppers says it pays out anywhere from $100 to $1,000 for information.

That's in addition to the $5,000 offered in Virginia.

That number is 1-800-422-JAIL.

Also, Michigan State Police have set up a tipline, which has already received more than 300 tips.

That number is 1.866.246.9500.