Police say this man ripped off gravesites

Tobe Holifield

The Shiawassee County Sheriff has arrested 49 year old Tobe Holifield of Durand. He's believed to be responsible for a series of monument thefts dating back to early February of 2013.

As of this date, 47 incidents involving the theft of bronze grave markers, historical markers and dedication plaques affixed to bridges within Shiawassee County have been attributed to Holifield. They have a total value of approximately $20,000.

Sheriffs deputies say Holifeild would remove the markers from their locations, then cut them into pieces and sell the metal for scrap.

In addition to the incidents within Shiawassee County, there are indications Holifield also committed the same offenses at several venues within Genesee County.

The Shiawassee County Prosecuting Attorneyâ??s Office has charged suspect Holifield with two felonies including malicious destruction of tombs and memorials as well as felony larceny. He additionally is being charged as a habitual offender- second notice.

Holifield is in the Shiawassee County Jail under a $15,000 cash/surety bond.