Police say two dogs killed a man running in Lapeer County

Police say this is one of the dogs who attacked and killed a jogger in Lapeer County.

A Lapeer County community is in shock after police say a man was attacked and killed by two dogs when he went out for a run.

Investigators say Craig Sytsma was mauled in Metamora Township when he decided to go jogging after work and was attacked on Thomas Road just south of Brauer Road.

Sytsma was from Livonia but worked nearby. A man living in the area of the attack tried to help by firing shots at the dog.

A man whose family owns a home next door to the dogs says they have been concerned about the animals since they moved in.

"It got to the point where my mom wouldn't even come to that side of the property to water plants or anything like that because the dogs were just too intimidating and would bark at her and growl at her and end up on the property if they weren't chained up," said neighbor Dan Petz.

The Metamora Township Police chief says the case has been handed over to the prosecutor who will decide if criminal charges will be filed against the owner.

The dogs are being held at the Lapeer County Animal Control until a decision is made on whether or not they will be euthanized.

"People need to take care of their animals. Something happened last night and a man died and he didn't need to die,â?? said Police Chief David Mallett.