Police seeking two men that are considered armed and dangerous in Flushing Township

More of Daniel Sweet's marijuana plants

Genesee County Sheriffs department deputies say they're searching for 2 men who were involved in a home invasion and robbery last night in Flushing Township.

Police tell us that the suspects, 2 black males, broke into 3427 Duffield Road, the home of Daniel Sweet, age 45.

Also in the home was Sweet's girlfriend and 3 daughters, who are age 14, 16, and 18.

The 2 men brought Sweet to the basement of the home and took 6 jars of marijuana, a long gun, jewelry, and a cell phone, according to the Genesee County Sheriff's department.

Sweet had 168 marijuana plants.

Sweet's monthly Consumers Energy bill is in excess of $3,700.

He told police that he is licensed to be a caregiver for 2 people, but that does not allow for that many plants.

After the 2 men left, Sweet then took off in pursuit southbound on M-13.

The suspects fired 7 shots at Sweet, with one hitting him in the forearm.

Sweet rammed into the rear of the suspects' vehicle before they escaped.

Back at Sweet's home, one of the teenage girls posted a notice about the incident to Facebook, asking for her friends to call the police.

Police believe Sweet might know the suspects.

Daniel Sweet has reported similar incidents in the past, with one being dismissed because he lied to the police.

Sweet was treated at McLaren Hospital and was released.

Police are viewing Sweet as both a victim and a suspect.

Sheriffâ??s deputies are still looking for a 4 door Pontiac Grand Am or Grand Prix possibly with damage to the rear driven by the 2 suspects.

They describe it as black or blue.