Police take 9 guns off Flint's streets, including an AK-47

In the past five days, troopers have taken nine guns off the streets of Flint, including an AK-47.

"Anytime you can take guns off the street you're saving lives. You're also preventing crime,â?? said Lt. Brian Cole, Michigan State Police.

The man carrying the AK-47 concealed it in his waistband. Michigan State Police troopers tried to stop him but he took off running.

"A bold stance to even walk down the street with something like that, or have something like that on your person,â?? said Lt. Cole.

The eight handguns were all found during separate stops by troopers in Flint.

These arrests by MSP are part of a partnership between the city and state police that's been going on for several years. The goal is to take a proactive approach on the crime.

"We have a symbiotic relationship and we need them, and they need us, and we all do well in working together,â?? said James Tolbert, Flint Police Chief.

"Our partnership continues to get better and better as time goes on,â?? said Lt. Cole.

Police say having these guns off the streets stops more crime, and may help solve crimes that have already happened.

"Those serial numbers and things like that will be checked,â?? said Lt. Cole.

Chief Tolbert says this is a great move toward fighting crime, but the efforts never slow down. He says those who illegally have guns in the city should be worried.

"We will find that weapon and they will go to jail,â?? said Tolbert.

It will take some time for the Michigan State Police's lab to process these weapon, and find out if they're connected to any unsolved crimes.