Police: Toddler shot after alleged robbery in Flint

A 19-month old toddler is recovering after being shot in Flint. Police say it was a robbery gone wrong. Now, authorities are asking for witnesses to speak up so they can track down a suspect.

â??It's pretty quiet,â?? says Jamie Northrup, describing her neighborhood.

That peacefulness was shattered Wednesday night.

â??We were up last night, coloring eggs for Easter and then we noticed there were some police down at the corner,â?? says Northrup.

Police say a 19-month old girl was shot near the corner 11th and Garland streets around 9 o'clock Wednesday night.

â??I was surprised because we normally don't get a lot of traffic around this area,â?? says Northrup.

The mother of the toddler tells police, she and her boyfriend were being robbed when shots rang out.

â??To hear about someone just a couple of blocks away with a gun and trying to hijack someone's car, that's wow,â?? says Northrup.

Police say the child's mother didn't realize her daughter--who was in a car seat-- was shot in the leg until an hour later.

â??Iâ??m still trying to put that one together. How was it a carjacking and toddler got shot,â?? questions Northrup.

Flint police are also asking the same question.

At last check, the toddler has been upgraded from critical condition to serious condition at Hurley Medical Center.

No suspects have been arrested yet.

Police are hoping someone speaks up soon so they can get to the bottom of this. The number to call is 1-800-SPEAK-UP.