Police: Tuscola county BB gun vandalism spree spans at least 5 communities

The vandalism spree on Saturday spanned at least five communities in Tuscola county.

Vandals took out more than 50 windows in Tuscola county early Saturday morning between the hours of 2am and 5am say Tuscola County Sheriff's Department officials. According the the sheriff, they used primarily BB and pellet guns, but also "other projectiles" such as rocks. The vandals not only damaged car windows but also some homes and businesses, police.

NBC25 spoke with people in Fairgrove, who say at least 5 people near the intersection of Center st. and Main st. alone were impacted by the vandalism. Jennifer Peckham had two car windows shot out. She says she is upset but says she isn't worried about safety after the incident.

"I'm thinking it is probably kids getting ready to go off to college... get together with friends... do something stupid," she says.

Bradford Quick was repairing his mother's van window in Fairgrove. He says he takes it personally.

"I don't know if they would like it if it was done to them," he said.

Police say people in Kingston, Caro, Mayville, Akron and Fairgrove reported damage, with reports still coming in. The only lead so far they say, someone in Kingston reported seeing a dark colored, suspicious looking SUV. Sheriff Teschendorf says anyone who saw or heard anything should call central dispatch.